Fairtrade Day

Today was Fair trade day at school and there were many exciting events happening around the school and in the classes. Everyone enjoyed watching the teachers competing in Master Chef where they had to use a range of ingredients to make ‘crumbly banana squares’ . They had to decide which Fair trade ingredients to use and how much of each extra ingredient to use. Points were awarded for each Fair trade ingredient and also for how well each kitchen worked as a team. It was a highly competitive event with each kitchen determined to try their best and earn points!

At lunch time there was a treasure hunt on the playground for reception and key stage one children to take part in. It was free to enter but everyone had great fun trying to work out the mystery word.

Children and families had also been set the challenge to bake and decorate a cake using at least one Fair trade ingredient. There was a huge spread of talent and some amazing creations were laid out in the library for every one to have a look at in the afternoon. The cakes have been judged and the winners in each category will be announced on Monday.

Finally in the afternoon the whole school gathered again to see the outcome of the Master chef competition. The ‘crumbly squares’ were plated and sprinkled with fair trade caster sugar before being judged for appearance and taste. It was a difficult decision but the fair trade steering group enjoyed sampling the teachers culinary delights. The winning team was from kitchen 4 and Mr Bulpitt and Mrs Lucas have shared the prize of some Fair trade Bombay mix and Fair trade toffees. They were clearly thrilled with their victory!

It has been a great day and a massive thanks goes out to Mrs Charlton for arranging the day and for all her hard work.

book week

 year 6 had a vistor he  was called hayden he read a book called  shiverton  hall. Ilik thebook The other one was called the eighteenth emargancy.There is a boy called benny.  At first he got  bullied at school.He kept write wird things on the wall.


By Jack and Saskia ICT club

fartrade week

This week is fairtrade week,We are having fairtrade master chef where the teachers compete to make a fairtrade product.And we also get to dress up as a fairtrade farmer/friut/colours of the fairtrade sign (green,black,blue).

And donate 1 pound.We are all really excited for this day

From Emily

Book Week

This week year 6 had 3 visiters which were amazing story tellers the first  teller was called Haden, he read shiverton hall and im sure it sent shivers up everyones spine, it was an awsome book i really want to read the rest .The other book was The eighteenth emergency. It was about a boy called benny that had been bullied by a  strong clique of boys.

Indian dance day

 on  wednesday we were haveing a dance day it was going to be the best day EVER :) we lernt 2 dances today so we better get on. first it was class 9 first so we made a mind map in the time we had. soon when it was are go we lernt 2 dances. In the afternoon we got are coscoms and then prefomed it.

by Charlotte and Josh!

to find out more we go to epic the best never beten is spectacula class cool 10

class 1 assembely

Toaday it was class 1 assemely.There assembely was about PE it was fun because they asked us to join in with a funny dance. The children thought that their parents were funny when they were wiggling their bums.

from freya and jessica

Karate demo ha ua!

On tuesday some youngsters gave us a karate demo. They showed us how to block,punch and kick.Over to you james thankyou hannah . As hannah said they Blocked puinched and kicked and showed us the moves they have been learning in karate lessons before school.

Indian topic

This week year 4 have been working on a book to go in the libary because when they went in the libary they only found 2. Each child is going to write a page in the book, about River ganges,Himalayas,Indian clothing,Taj mahal , Bollywood and New Delhi.For our indian dancing we are going to have a lady come in to teach us about Bollywood dancing.For our Homework last week we had to desigh a rangoli. And some people decided to use symmetry.Year four are enjoying there Indian topic.

By Freya and Jessica.

charlottes pudsey certificate by charlotte and Ellie

on wednesday, charlotte from class 10 got a certificate for her fund rasing at home. She rased £34.12 she did it bey salling cakes to people that she new. She dose it evry year. she did is with her sister ella. She brandg her stifcat in to show her class. her class was impressed. she was happy on tuesday when she got it . she thort that she would do it agen next year. some people thart to do it next year. Charlott is amazing becouse it ses on it also a hero to them. they did it by saleing cakes to are frends and family they are going to try and beat there score next year

by charlotte and Ellie