Arts Week 2014!

Overton has had another creative, enjoyable Art’s Week! The Art’s Week theme was ‘Our Values’, which are:

  • Creativity
  • Challenge
  • Respect
  • Reflection
  • Independence
  • Interdependence

Each classroom provided an Art activity linked to one of the above values. The children enjoyed being with their mixed year art groups and visiting each of these classroom activities throughout the mornings.

In the afternoons, the children returned to their usual classrooms and took part in more exciting arts and crafts, linked to the values. They also designed a new school logo. Each class has voted for their favourite logo and that has been sent Mrs Wyeth as the class’ logo contribution.

The children were very fortunate to also experience a photography workshop with the artist Lucy McLoughlin. The aim of her sessions was to explore the symbolism of our school values through photography. She worked with Year R, 1, 2, 3 and 4 to take digital photographs in and around the school that captured the school values. Year 5 and 6 then edited and manipulated these photographs on the computer. Lucy has made a selection of the strongest photographs, and they will be used in the final artwork. The final artwork will be framed in 6 large picture frames, each representing one of the school values. These frames will be hung together in the library. We look forward to seeing the final artwork very soon!

Below is a list of each class’ Art’s Week activities. Please visit the class pages to read and learn more about the Art’s Week fun they had.

Class 1 – Painting

Class 2 – Sculpture

Class 3 – Outdoors art

Class 4 – Collage

Class 5 – Resist

Class 6 – Photography/Imagery

Class 7 – Printing

Class 8 – Modelling

Class 9 – Drawing

Class 10 – Textiles

Class 11 – Dance

Class 13 – Music

Class 14 – ICT

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

On Wednesday 21st May our amazing Year 5/6 Tag Rugby team completed in the local Sparkling Rugby tournament. The team played superbly  and demonstrated excellent skills and team spirit throughout. In our group we won 3 games; drew 2 and lost 1, which meant we came joint second and narrowly missed out on a quarter-final place by score five less tries than the other team

A huge well done to the whole team!

Sharkpufferstingjellyoctangle fish by Henry class10

.On Thursday the 15 of May class 10 was told to create a new animal I made one and I called it a Sharkpufferstingjellyoctanglewale fish it is a gombernation of a shark apuffer fish a sting ray a jelly fish octerpous and finerly a angle fish and i almost forgot a wale  it can easerly cill any animal in the sea.olso it is alwase hungry it will eat any thing even rocks. you may be thinking its a wired fish but its knot its an ugly fish its very puculear and very strange olso it lives in they ocean.


hipporaffra by emma from the grassland

hipporaffra is a lazy and lonly character. He LOVE’S food and laying in mud bath’s . He has never met a different type of animal before and love’s to hunt down animals.He is very shy and does not like being the centre of attention . he love’s the artic and wants to live there aswell.he dislikes camels because they spit alot and are taller then him . he has a secret crush on the bright bold round sun .

thank you for reading


Penbearseal by Jessica

Penbearseal is a lazy but vicous character. He likes to hunt around and sneakly steal things to eat to keep warm or anything else. He likes getting his rules. He LOVES making pranks even though, there are not any other animals on earth and he is the only one. He likes swimming, strolling, and exploring. So he is an very adventreous animal. He does not like any other animals apart from polar bears, penguins and seals. Although, he is very adventreous he also   HATES any other habitats.He loves Making angels and patterns in the snow sometimes sleeping. He likes eating plants life and crops. He camoflages in the summer he can have an good time in the Arctic instead of getting really bored of his skin colour. So overall he is a mean selfish adventreous animal!

Allianaog by Reuben

Allianaog has terrible minions which attack and defend the Queen when she sends out first battlecry they all charge in quickly the Queen will bite and they will be in peril for 1 hour . Her sloth claws help her to cling on to the trees like sloths would do.The great eyes of seals help them to see their prey in the dark she loves sloths to. Its body is of a slippery slithering anaconda

Kate the Grassland animal!


 Kate is an Grassland animal she is half Elephant half Giraffe and half Zebra!She has very big ears to cool her down when tempritures are very HOT and a long tounge to reach  for food .Her amenic black striped legs help her to gallop faster to catch her PRAY.Kate is very good at camouflaging in with her back ground beacause of her buetifull brown spots.She can spot her pray from a very far distance because of her very long boney legs.Kate unfortunutley does NOT have any family members or parents she is the only of her kind which makes her very lonley.She really likes eating flowers and leaves from trees shes not to keen on meat but once in a while she eats some for good health.Kates hobby is  to go on long walks and to experince new places.

Amy the Artic Pengybear the polar animal by Juliette


Amy is a cross between a penguin, polar bear,seal and artic fox. She has big eyes and ears so she can see clearly under water and can hear  her prey wich is fish. She also has long claws to help her grip. Her flippers push her along when she slides across the ice like a ice skater. Her nose  helps her to smell her  prey and she has a thick layer of blubber and fur to help her keep warm. Also her long seal tail helps her to swim and slide faster. Amy is very shy and likes to do things by herself  she soon hopes to find some freinds or even a family.



Our Brilliant KS2 Cross-Country Team 2014

On Thursday 13th March our KS2 cross-country team competed against other Basingstoke schools at Queen Mary’s College. It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone on the team ran fantastically! Our Year 3/4 boys and girls came very good 6th place; our Year 5/6 girls team came an excellent 3rd and our Year 5/6 boys team came an amazing 1st.

Well done to everyone!

Here is a short video of some of the photos from the event: KS2 Cross-Country 2014